Why I Chose Health Science

The title of my Interdisciplinary program is called Health Science. This program is a science based major created by integrating courses from several different departments at Plymouth State University including Biology, Psychology, Health and Human Performance, and Nursing. The Health Science programs base foundation utilizes these individual departments to create a unique science


major by combining the various science related courses. In this way the Health Science major is different than other programs at Plymouth State University.  I believe this major can lead me to my ultimate goal of becoming a nurse.

I have known since I was a young child my destination in life was to help those in need. As far back as I can remember I have always lent a helping hand and put others’ personal needs before my own. My life goal is to become an Emergency Room Nurse and eventually a Trauma Team Nurse. In high school, while playing on the freshmen girls’ basketball team I received a severe concussion that landed me unconscious and taken to the hospital. Upon arrival at the emergency room I was placed in a hallway without any direct care, very little observation and without further testing. The standard of care I received in my local hospital was unsatisfactory. After my experience, I knew as a future nurse one of my goals would be to improve patients’ emergency room treatment. In 2014, I was accepted into the Plymouth State University Nursing Program and was so excited about my future, but after three years in the Plymouth State University Nursing Program I became mentally and physically exhausted. I began having panic attacks almost every day worrying about the classwork requirements and the stress of maintaining the required grade to continue in the program. Through a lot of personal anguish and soul searching I finally realized it was important to take care of myself before I could continue in the nursing field and begin taking

Practicing placing IV’s in simulation lab.

care of patients. I began to look at Interdisciplinary Studies in my senior year as a way to continue my education in the health field so I could graduate with a health science major and seek my Nursing degree post-graduation. I have not given up my life goal of becoming a nurse. I am a stronger person for having gone through my struggles, which I believe makes me a better person to help others in the future.

To create my major, the first courses in my contract are IS 2225 Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies and IS 4425 Interdisciplinary Studies Senior Seminar. The Quantitative Reasoning Connection Course I am including in my contract is MA 1900 Statistical Literacy in Today’s Society.

In my contract, the first group of courses I included is from the Biology Department. One of the first courses I took while in my first year at Plymouth State University was BI 2110 Anatomy and Physiology Lecture and Lab. This course incorporates learning the structure and functions of all the major body systems. The laboratory portion of this course focuses on the hands-on portion of learning the major body systems. The second Biology course that attributes to Health Science is called BI 2340 Microbiology for Nurses. This course focuses on the bacteria that are essential to life and those that are responsible for infectious diseases. Working in the health field it is imperative to understand the differences between the bacteria that are good for the human body and which ones are dangerous.

Another focus I incorporated as part of my contract is from the Psychology Department. The course is PS 2050 Life-Span Developmental Psychology. In this course we learned the differences in underlying physical, cognitive and social developments that occur throughout the life-span. This course is important because in Health Science you have to be able to serve any person from any generation with or without limitations.

The third group of courses in my contract is from Health and Human Performance. I have chosen to include five health related courses in my contract. The first one is HE 2300 Principles of Health. This course provides education on learning all the dimensions of health and the basics about different health behaviors. The second course I chose is HE 2900 Disease, Safety and the Environment which focuses on diseases and disorders related to safety and the environment. The third course is called HE 3220 Applied Nutrition for Healthy Living. In this course students learn the basics of nutrition and how it can affect development in health performance. The fourth course I added to my contract is HE 3700 Drug Behavior. This course provides information on how different drugs affect and react with the human body. All four of these Health Education courses pertain to Health Science because it is important to understand different dimensions of health such as drugs, nutrition, diseases, and health behaviors. The final course under the Department of Health and Human Performance is under physical education which is called PE 2850 Wellness Choices for a Healthy, Active Lifestyle. This course enables the student to understand personal awareness and responsibility for optimal health. This course pertains to Health Science because it is important to enable a patient with understanding how to better their lifestyle to become more active to improve their health status.

The final group of course in which I included into my contract is from the Nursing Department. The first course I added to my contract is NR 3020 Introduction to Patient Centered Care. This course introduces the KSA’s which are the framework of knowledge, skills and attitudes that a nurse should have while in practice. In Health Science it is important to understand these concepts because when working in a hospital the patient caregiver needs to be professional in the way they act and deliver care. The second course I chose is NR 3030 Pharmacology and Pathophysiology. In this course the student learns the difference in medications that are commonly used for different diseases and disorders. This course attributes to Health Science because it is important to know what medications your clients are receiving and why they are receiving them. The third course I chose to include is NR 3040 Professional Issues. This course identifies ways to be professional when working in the healthcare field as well as with other professional organizations. Possessing the ability to understand how to be professional in a workplace is imperative for any field of study. The final two courses I added to my contract are NR 3052 Clinical Application of Patient-Centered Care and NR 3090 Clinical Evidence-Based Practice.  Both of these courses focus on putting skills learned in the classroom and in the simulation laboratory to use. They continue to build on the education of the student nurse through hands-on education. This contributes to Health Science because having a background working with clients in the field helps build the education received.

This program I am proposing is an Interdisciplinary program because in Health Science the student is exposed to many science related courses from various independent departments. The education I received will be well rounded to help me utilize the knowledge and information that I can take with me upon graduation. This program will help me prepare for my future because when I graduate from Plymouth State University I plan to restart my nursing education. I plan on attending an accelerated BS-RN program starting in the fall of 2018. I have already begun post-graduation preparations to make my nursing dream a reality.

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  1. Comprehensive statement! Your point about honestly recognizing your own health needs before being able to care for others is crucial. I wonder how that idea might transfer and guide your research as well as your applied Project?
    It might be helpful for your readers to include your own name in you Statement, perhaps you could try doing that within the action photos as part of the caption or as a subtitle in smaller font?

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