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Synthesis Post by Heather Dieterle

Ever feel like you do not belong somewhere? I am sure we have all been there at least once in our lives. Well, I found myself in this situation the summer before my senior year here at Plymouth State. I was lost and confused with what I wanted to do but knew I wanted to be able to graduate on time in May 2018.

Graduating May 19, 2018!

This is when Robin came into my life in August of 2017 and really dove in depth with me about what Interdisciplinary Studies is. The major I wanted was something that was going to lead me to my end dream of being a nurse but also something that was going to give me advanced education in the health and science subject fields. This is how I came up with my focused major of Health Science. Combining courses I had already taken in previous semesters, which can be seen in my IDS statement essay, while adding in extra health classes I started to realize my true passion for helping others when they need it the most. In hopes of one day, I will become a nurse I knew a background of health and science course I would be able to succeed in a nursing school after graduation. The classes I have taken over the course of my major have really help me understand the human body, mind and the spirit which all play a huge role in someone’s personal health.

My applied project was reaching out to nursing students, healthcare employees, and normal every day “patients” and interview them about hand sanitizer and hand washing. I was able to interview 6 people that I know about 10 or so questions to help me further investigate my research question of why do hospitals push hand sanitizer rather than hand washing with soap and warm water. I was able to conduct these interviews and realize that pretty much all the questions I had asked each interviewee were fairly similar in their responses.

When I first started this whole process, I had a feeling that the outcome would be as such but what I did not realize is how closely the answers were related whether there was history in the healthcare background or not. I wanted to take the project a step further because only interviewing 6 people was what I felt as not enough information to have a significant pool of data. This is where I came up with the idea of creating a quick short survey that combines the interview questions into 5 more condensed questions. I was able to reach 98 people and get 98 responses that are discussed more in depth on my applied project page. This project helped my education grow because I was able go deeper into the issue of if hand sanitizer is worth all the talk it gets.

My applied project idea came to me after I decided on my research article topic. I came up with the idea after much thinking about what I would personally change in the healthcare field if I had the power to do so. I came up with the thought of researching the history, benefits and barriers of both hand sanitizer and hand washing with warm water and soap.

CC By: Arlington County

I compared the two throughout my research and realized that there is a lot of research done on hand sanitizer but it still is not 100% on how effective it actually is. I wanted to raise the question to other healthcare workers and to patients to have them wonder and think about why hand sanitizer is so prevalent when research is clear that there still needs to be research done on the product.

Both of the projects relate directly in line with the courses that make up my major. This research will stick with my education for as long as it last, I hope to continue to learn more about this issue and help create a change with it in the healthcare field.

Hope to continue my education by going back to nursing school!

As I move forward in my life and education after Plymouth State, I hope to consider the research I found every time I go into a patients room. I hope the future of this topic is impacted by this project as well as to those who helped me get all my personal data for my applied project. I am very thankful I was able to research this topic as it will be a huge part of my future moving forward with my career.



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  1. Heather, it’s been fun following your work — suds, sanitizer, germs and all. I wish you well as you move forward, and a very Happy Birthday! Use this post as your guide for your final Frost House presentation.

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