PLN….What’s It Good For?

PLN…not sure what it is? Well, it is a Personal Learning Network. At first, I was a little skeptical as to what this was going to do for me or if it were worth my time, but I soon came to realize how beneficial this was and is to my work in Health Science.

The excitement on my face shows how ready I was to graduate high school and move onto college
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When I first started to work on my PLN I was a little nervous as to how I was going to find things that related to Health Science. I took to asking an older IDS student how she began, she gave me some tips like to find IDS students who had a similar program and go to their followers. I was able to reach into others who follow health related twitter accounts. I then went into health accounts and looked at who they were following and chose certain ones that I thought would relate to me in my Health Science career. I also followed the students in my IDS intro class to further my outreach because I figured they would have some interesting thoughts and ideas about class and class assignments that they would contribute to their twitter feed.

A Personal Learning Network enhances many aspects of one’s life, for example, their education, their major specifically, and their future in their department of which they chose to explore in depth about.

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For myself personally, I chose to keep my PLN sort of small for this first semester because I did not want to be bombarded with a large twitter feed that I felt over whelmed by. I believe my PLN can enhance my future in Health Science because I know if I tweet a question or concern I could have an answer within minutes. Also, when others tweet articles they get posted to my feed which then allows me to better my education by reading such articles that related to health in some way, even if it is small. Going forward with my degree in Health Science, I plan to keep my PLN and continue to have outreach through that because it keeps me up to date with everything going on in the health field.

Check out my storify which includes tweets I have produced and retweeted over the semester!

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