PLN…What Does It Mean To You?

PLN Post  by Heather Dieterle

PLN, most people will not even know what that standards for, me however I do know what it means and I understand it. P is for personal, L is for learning and N is for network. Personal Learning Network, a place for education learning with those already in the work field of your choice. This is a place you can go and express your thoughts freely on certain situations and have feed back from professionals. This twitter has helped me learn different things about the health care field that I may have not known before or may have learned but am learning more about through educational articles that are shared on my timeline.

I built my PLN off of other seniors last semester, I was able to find other IDS seniors twitters and go into who they were following to follow accounts that would benefit my timeline. I also went into big name hospitals twitters and went into who follows them and who they follow to expand my horizon of who I was going to follow.

The tweet I am most proud of from this semester, that I got the most love from is about my survey I put out for my applied project. I truthfully did not expect to get as many responses as I did nonetheless in the amount of time I got all of them in. My favorite tweet of the semester is….

Other tweets I have taken into consideration as my favorite or best posts from the semester are…

As you can see through these blurry pictures (unaware of how to fix that) I have come along way this semester from thinking I was never going to come up with an AP or RA topic to becoming a member of the National Honor Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. I enjoyed the process of this semester even if it made me a tad crazy and stressed out. I am also excited to continue to use my PLN as I travel out of Plymouth State in the next month or so, and to see all the up and coming RA’s and AP’s that are to come from the next batch of seniors to fill the IDS department. A special thanks to Bonnie and Robin for creating a killer year for me in IDS, I wish I had found you both earlier. Props to you both on everything you do and to Robin, good luck going sabbatical I know you’ll miss PSU but I know you’ll also do amazing things while you are gone!

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One thought on “PLN…What Does It Mean To You?”

  1. Did I ever thank you for fixing my screen on day one?! Heather, you’re enthusiasm and diligence is contagious. Best wishes as you move forward — I know you’ll find the best place to put your positive energy and those around you will be better for it.

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