How Interdisciplinarity has Changed my Life

I am going to start this out being 100% truthful, Interdisciplinary Studies was never in my field of sight until this past summer when my original intent fell through. Originally, I was in the Nursing Program at PSU however after becoming very physically and mentally exhausted I did not get the grade I needed to continue on. As anyone would be, I was devastated, after weeks of looking into what my options were, I found Interdisciplinary Studies.

I knew a little bit about this program from those before me who were not able to pass in the Nursing Program. As Nissani stated “the most widely cited attempts break down interdisciplinarity into components such as multidisciplinarity, pluridisciplinarity, crossdisciplinarity, and transdisciplinarity” (Nissani). As I had known little about this program, this quote really helps my mind wrap around what interdisciplinarity truly is and how it is made up. As I got to understand the program and know what exactly the criteria was I began to realize my future could still go on. Interdisciplinary Studies is allowing me to graduate on time in a field that sparked my interest, Health Science. 

The style of learning in this program is a fresh of breath air, I was most attracted to the fact that we build ourselves a Personal Learning Network and we are able to reach to those in our desired field before we even graduate. Another reason I chose Interdisciplinary Studies is because the program is student oriented, the professors and workers in the IDS office are there to help the student and they know how important it is to keep us engaged and happy with what we are learning. This program has already impacted my future because it is allowing me to graduate with a major that will help me be top priority to getting into an Accelerated BS Nursing Program in fall of 2018. A way that this program will continue to impact my future is that I will be able to take my PLN with me and know that if I ever needed any help I could reach out to them and have answers within the day.

The major thing I have taken away from this interdisciplinary learning so far is getting all the program application information completed. This task lead me to go outside of my comfort zone and reach out to someone who I have never met before to be my advisor. This was difficult for me as well as I could assume all my peers because we did not know these professors as well as the thought of what if they do not like me or what if they think my program statement is so wrong. All and all, my thoughts before meeting my advisor were very wrong and in fact she loved my program statement and I definitely benefited from reaching outside my comfort zone.

A statement Gregorian made in his article is “instead of helping students learn and grow as individuals, find meaning in their lives, or understand their role in society, college has become a chaotic maze where students try to pick up something useful as they search for the exit: the degree needed to obtain decent employment” (Gregorian). As I was reading this article I was taken back by reading this statement because until I read it, I had never seen myself as one in a chaotic position just trying to get a degree and leave. However, in fact I had been in that position not too long ago when I was left stranded with no direction in the beginning of senior year. Now that I have come across something that I can be truly passionate about I do not see myself in that chaotic state anymore. I like being here and growing my education through Interdisciplinary Studies. This program has already shown me a lot about myself and I have already gained so much knowledge in just six weeks, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for me!

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  1. I love the exploration here of how linear pathways change and shift, and how chaos can feel threatening and then settle out into a new and improved future course… A really inspiring post! Hope other IDS students and those with unexpected twists and turns will appreciate this as well…

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