Health Science Courses; What Can I Take?

As a health science major, as you can imagine I take a lot of health and science classes. Let’s be real for a minute, it is in the title, how could you not assume that? Anyway, this semester I am in 4 classes plus this Interdisciplinary Introduction class. Those other classes include, Principles of Health, Wellness Choices for a Healthy Active Lifestyle, Statistical Literacy for Today’s Society and Drug Behavior. The two course I have taken the most out of this semester would be, Wellness Choices for a Healthy Active Lifestyle and Drug Behavior.

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The first course to be elaborated on it Wellness Choices for a Healthy Active Lifestyle, otherwise shortly known as Wellness Choices taught by Professor Morgan Leever. When I first found this course, I wanted to take it solely on the fact that it was online and would contribute to the major I was making. Before the start of this course, I had thought it was just going to be an easy course to take because I figured it was like any other health class I had taken growing up. As this semester has gone I have seen first-hand that my original assumption of the course was completely wrong. The piece of material that I was able to take the most away from is the portion about stress. In the last few years I have been completely consumed by stress, in more than one way. I have felt stress physically, emotionally and mentally, the type of stress I have experienced is not one that I would even wish on anyone’s worst enemy. A piece of material from the topic of stress that has stayed with me all semester came from the PowerPoint. It is called “How to get rid of your stress,” the examples Professor Leever gave are time management, take care of yourself, journaling, art, breathe/relax/stretch, and aromatherapy. I thought this information provided by Professor Leever would stick with me because when I start to feel stressed I will understand entirely how to reduce the amount of stress I am feeling.

Do not take this post the wrong way, I have learned many helpful things from all of my courses but the final course that has left a great impact on me this semester is Drug Behavior which is taught by Professor Terri Eastman. All the topics of this class have influenced my education and helped me understand drugs more profoundly. It is interesting to me to be a part of this class because I have already taken Pharmacology and Pathophysiology,

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however I struggled in that class because so much information was thrown at you all at once. It is nice to be able to hear all the information again in a slower manner. Being able to take this course has allowed me to realize that nursing still is for me and that I do understand medications and drugs, I just needed to hear them again so I could fully understand what each and every one of them do to the body. Everything I have taken from this course has stuck with me and I look forward to seeing what the next three weeks have in store!

Each of these course have left a lasting impression on me because they suit my major so well. To anyone I run into that is in the health science, or health education field

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I would recommend taking each of these classes with the exact Professors. Even to those students who are not health required majors, but for those who have an interest in health related subject I would also tell them to take these two courses for elective credits. Being a health education major has opened my mind to see all the different things I can do with this major. I look forward to my life in the health field once I graduate in May.

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One thought on “Health Science Courses; What Can I Take?”

  1. I love the reflection here not just on the content of the courses, but on what each class teaches you about your own learning process. You are a meta-thinker, reflecting not only on what is in front of you, but also, in an aerial view, on the bigger picture as well– I think that is so important for college students as they transition to graduation and thinking about making future choices!

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