Expanding Away From Nursing Homes

Families always run into the scary thought of having to placed a loved one in a nursing home. This was the case for a woman named Alvera Robinson. She is a 74 year old elderly female who spends her day in a wheelchair. Robinson was placed in a nursing home which around holiday season can be very depressing for the older adult because they cannot be taken out with that, Robinson spent holidays like Thanksgiving in the nursing home with barely any family. She then found a place referred to as ‘LIFE’ which is called Living Independently for Elders. Here, Robinson was able to get a spot at this facility which allows her to be able to live independently but still get the care she needs. Due to living on her own, Robinson was able to host a Thanksgiving in her own home which involved inviting family and friends.

My Grandfather and Nana. My Nana is in a nursing home.

LIFE being an interdisciplinary success story, helps those elder adults like Robinson be able to feel a little independence. I believe that a housing facility such as LIFE can help improve the mental health of frail ill older adults because it gives them a sense of freedom. LIFE is a collaborative housing community which physical therapists, occupational therapists, nurse practitioners, social workers, nurses’ aides, and more come together to work together to create a successful independent living environment for those who would normally be placed in a nursing home. I believe if more housing communities like LIFE came together I believe that the there would be an increase in the life expectancy in these frail elder adults lives.

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2 thoughts on “Expanding Away From Nursing Homes”

  1. I absolutely love the idea of LIFE, especially for the elderly population who can still somewhat take care of themselves but needs guidance and some assistance. I currently work in a nursing home and know so many patients that would benefit from such a program. I agree with you that programs like this could increase the life expectancy of the elderly, nursing homes can be so depressing with no activities and little room for family visits which can lead to a decline in health. Great post!

  2. What a great program. It always amazes me that we don’t have more holistic and people-centered solutions to aging and illness given that we will all face these issues in our families and in our own lives. Hearing about things like this gives me hope for the future…

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