Domain Education…Is it Worth it?

Should I be as worried to post this first official public post as I was while reading these articles? Is anyone actually going to read these posts? So many questions arose through my mind as I read through these articles. I thought these readings opened my eyes about using a domain. I have heard of people using their own websites before but I never imagined myself having one especially not for school. I am more open to using a domain now that I have had some experience playing around in mine, however I am still skeptical on the whole public posting issue. For myself I am not a very skilled writer, with that being said I am not a huge fan of sharing my work. Although, I am not fully comfortable with this I will still post publicly; maybe it will help me improve my writing and confidence in sharing my works. I do in fact like the idea about having everything I work on this semester all in one place right at the tips of my fingers whenever I need to reference back to previous work.

In the first article, “The Web We Need To Give Students,” there was a section where the author wrote “but almost all arguments about student privacy, whether those calling for more restrictions or fewer, fail to give students themselves a voice, let alone some assistance in deciding what to share online.” Although, I do understand where this author is coming from, I do believe that if a student wanted their voice to be heard they would find a way around the restrictions to do just that. The current young generation has grown up with technology and many of which can manipulate different areas of technology to accomplish exactly what they want.

The second article titled, “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” the author states, “students not only would acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives but also would engage in work that provides richly teachable moments ranging from multimodal writing to information science, knowledge management, bibliographic instruction, and social networking.” I believe this is correct in every aspect, using a domain for education will allow students to excel in a different way using more research and the ability to create their own site that suits their selves and their lives. Domains allow students to reach outside what they know and are used to, to complete education in a more modern and useful way.

The third article, “Do I Own My Domain if You Grade it?” the author states, “the domains project isn’t revolutionary to the traditional classroom, but it is revolutionary to a classroom re-imagined around public scholarship, student agency and experimentation.” I do not agree with this statement, because domains are not used in education often but I do believe that if this project was given enough time and effort it could become a revolutionary. It is not like the room classroom, it allows students to break out of their shell and provide education in a different way. I truly believe if schools started to implement this way of submitting assignments and allowing the students to create something that they can have for their lifetime schools would see more students having better results in their academics.

These articles opened my eyes to a new way of education. Before the first class I had no idea about open education by using domains and pedagogy but after creating my own I am very open to the idea. I believe it will help me better my academics because I have always struggled in the classroom with tests and sorts. This way of learning and teaching allows me to not be defined just by tests.

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2 thoughts on “Domain Education…Is it Worth it?”

  1. Terrific post! Consider adding hotlinks so that your reader can click the titles of those articles and go right to our textbook if they want to read more… This is a wonderful carrying-out of your first post, though, and it makes me excited for where the semester will take you!

  2. This post is very thought provoking! I especially like how you described the benefits using a personal domain can have on the variety of ways students can learn.

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