Brainstorming Ideas To A Better Future

You’d be surprised, even those who are passionate about their field still tend to struggle when given the opportunity to choose what they want to research. I for one definitely struggled to think of an idea to research and apply in the community because Health Science is such a board topic and has many disciplines. I thought of one project that could benefit to both my research article as well as my applied project.

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This brainstorming activity was supposed to be five different ideas that I could use however since I struggled to come up with just one idea I took it upon myself to decide that my time brainstorming would be more beneficial to expand on my topic I plan on completing my senior capstone project with. As follows are the ideas I have come up with for both my research article and applied project:

Research Article:

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Research why hand sanitizing is so prominent in hospitals and why that is pushed instead of hand washing.

  • This interest me because as a future nurse I want to be able to give the best care to my patients but if hand sanitizing is not the best option for my patients why would I do something that could potentially harm my patients. I find it interesting because in doctors’ offices they come into the room and wash their hands before anything else, so why is it different in hospitals?
  • Major challenge of this idea: struggling to find sources that could prove which way is the best to provide good hand hygiene in hospitals
  • Key disciplines: nursing, health & human performance

Applied project:

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Interview nursing professors, nursing students, reach out to speare hospital to talk to doctors or just hospital staff, as well as normal everyday humans who could be patients to see what they know or how they feel about hand hygiene in hospitals. Create a new blog to place all of the interview information as an educational place people can go.

  • This interests me because I want to know how everyone else feels about this situation to try to make a change if there should be one.
  • Major challenge: reaching out to people to interview, going outside of my comfort zone.


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2 thoughts on “Brainstorming Ideas To A Better Future”

  1. Hi, Heather.
    Nice layout of media with your corresponding brainstorming. You bring up a great point about going outside of our comfort zones to achieve those things we deem worth pursuing. The struggle of picking up the phone or contacting a human subject for interviewing is both challenging and in the end can be quite revealing, often shedding light on areas we may not have previously considered. Sometimes I think the hardest part is making the decision to follow through with tracking down and securing an interview, more than the interview itself. I know that you will face this challenge in the spirit of your work with grace and grit. And doing so makes those successes we do experience that much sweeter.

  2. Hey Heather,
    As a previous Nursing student and someone who is passionate about the healthcare field, I feel like you have a great idea for your research and applied project regarding comparing and contrasting hand sanitizer to hand washing. I have seen it before where hospitals tend to use hand sanitizer more than thoroughly washing their hands, we are taught to use hand sanitizer going in and out of every single room. I am curious as to what you are going to find out in your research!

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