A Really Big Word For Outline: Prospectuses

Prospectus for Research Article: (brainstorm ideas)

  • Title of my article: “Don’t Get Caught Germy Handed: Be Aware; Wash With Care”

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  • Description: How is it possible that in one health care setting they promote hand washing onto their employees however in a different setting they encourage hand sanitizing? A deeper look into the key differences and history behind both will come to a conclusion of which of the two is better not only for the patient but for the medical professional as well.
  • Goals: I came up with this idea for my research article because being a former nursing student I have seen first hand the push created in hospitals for hand sanitizing upon entering a patients room as well as leaving a patients room. For me, I sit here and wonder why hand sanitizing is pushed instead of hand washing. Is it because hand sanitizer takes less time than hand washing? The importance of this research is strictly to make sure hospitals are giving the best care possible to their patients can we be overlooking the obvious that maybe, just maybe we are hurting our patients more by using sanitizer. I hope this impacts others to see the differences between hand sanitizer and hand washing and the importance of actual hand washing instead of always just sanitizing. The fields I hope mainly to impact is nursing, health and biology.
  • Conclusion: Throughout the semester doing research on this topic I hope to come to a conclusion of why hand sanitizer is pushed so hard in hospitals and why hand washing is not. I hope to have an impact through this research on my readers as well as health care professionals to maybe start making a change in the way we wash and sanitize our hands.
  • Timeline: Over the next few weeks I will be going online looking for sources as well as using the online library databases to find articles supporting my research. I also hope to find studies done comparing the two different hand washing ways. I will keep a check list running of important due dates listed on the syllabus to maintain a stress free work environment for myself as I want to stay on track and even potentially ahead of the syllabus due dates.

Prospectus for Applied Project: (brainstorm ideas )

  • Title: “What’s Your Take Hand Washing or Hand Sanitizing?” – Blog Title: “Seeing Is Believing, But You Can’t See Germs”

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  • Description: For this applied project I am going to seek the help of health care professionals as well as future health care professionals (senior nursing students) and interview them on their take about the situation I am researching in my research article. I wanted to be able to tie together the two projects to be able to come full circle with the ideas of hand washing or hand sanitizing. I also would like to interview everyday people who could be patients and see what they have to say about the topic. In the end I am making a blog about my experiences with these different interviews and comparing the responses I receive.
  • Goals: The reason why I am doing this AP is similar to the reason why I am doing my research article. This topic has always intrigued my interest and I frequently wonder why health care professionals do not extend the extra two minutes to actually wash their hands. I hope to have a little impact on the health care field and maybe hit home to some people enough to make a change in the health care system.
  • Deliverable: I will be making a blog of all the interviews I do and putting the link attached to my ePort as well as getting my blog url out there in the social media world through my PLN on twitter.
  • Conclusion: In the end of this applied project I really want to know others opinions of the ideas and topics because I understand the health care field and want to use others opinions when making my own decisions. I truly just want to give my patients the 100 percent best care I can when I become a nurse over the next couple years.
  • Timeline: Over the next few weeks I will start putting together my blog post and start thinking about who I want to interview. Once I decide who to interview I will be emailing and asking their approval to do so. I will continue to stay on track with all the work and due dates given to me on the syllabus for the course.
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One thought on “A Really Big Word For Outline: Prospectuses”

  1. Hi, Heather, this is so interesting! I always thought of hand-washing as best (surgeons spend minutes scrubbing up) and wonder why the preferred method is hand sanitizing? Or at least it seems to be that way. I have a friend who’s a nurse and will not be seen unless she sees her attending doctors/nurse practitioners washing their hands first. All of this makes me wonder how culture and social norms play into hygiene and if there’s such a thing as washing too much? Are there good germs? Or are all germs bad germs? Fascinating topic which I think I’ve taken for granted! What about places in the world that have poor access to clean water? Is soap and clean water a luxury for some? Are there other less-known alternatives when neither water, soap or sanitizer is avaialable? How is cleanliness next to other things (besides Godliness)? Is that just an old saying or does it hold more for consideration in terms of historical significance, social impact, technology, and the individual?

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